Why cremation?

Funerals can be a stressful situation. We will talk about a simpler method and see if it fits your needs.

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Why most people choose Cremation?

Cremation is used by most of the world and has been around for a long time. Most countries prefer this method of caring for a loved one. 

We know selecting a burial type is a very personal matter. That is why want to make you sure you are making the right choice for your loved one. Benefits of Cremation are:  

  • Simpler the Better - Nothing is more easier than cremation. Within hours of signing legal documents everything can done quicker than normal burial methods. 

  • Flexible - With Cremation you can have a memorial service at any time. Which gives plenty of leeway for your loved ones to get to Nebraska. Setting up a memorial service at any time means you;; have less stress finically and time wise so you can plan properly.

  • Celebrate a Loved One Fully - You can plan for weeks, even months after cremation. Giving you more time to honor your loved one the way you see fit. Whether it is with a speech or with music.

  • Financial Issues - Cremation without memorial or a funeral service usually costs a fraction of any traditional burial. Every family goes though hard times and you have to make tough choices. However we suggest a ceremony because it is vital in bringing loved ones together for the healing process. 


What will you be asked?

Should you get a urn? What type of urn?

Who does the cremation?

Would you like to have any kind of ceremony?

What will you do with remains of your loved one?

After EVERYTHING is done?

You and your family may decide to keep the or pass them along and scatter the remains in ceremony which is completely normal.

Our Dugan Kramer Directors can suggest you on ways to remember your loved one using there cremated remains. Such creations or memorialization  include making jewelry and glass objects. Another idea is scattering the remains at a special lake or scattering it through maybe even another country.

Not enough information? Here at Dugan Kramer our expert funeral planner will help clarify any questions you may have. Contact us here.