Permanent Memorialization

Create a dedicated place for you and your family to remember your loved one. 

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A Consistent Place of Healing

In our society social media and fast-paced moving, loved ones aren't given enough time to grieve losses. The pressures of needing to be busy all the time bring the bereaved back sooner than expected. 

Many families choose to spread the remains in one of the loved one's favorite places such as the a hiking spot on a mountain or a local park. While this may seem right at the time, it means that you do not have a constant place to connect with the heritage of the person.   

Having a place in cremation garden or cemetery can be visited frequently by loved ones alike. This gives everyone a special place to remember your loved one.

A permanent place may provide a way to connect to your families legacy. Visiting the resting place of grand parents may provide children an anchor to families history. This may offer a connection to the past, to love the lives of the past. This will honor the relationship of you and you loved one.